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Instructional Technology Resources

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Ouachita Parish Content Repository

(teacher resources)

    lets make the positive so loud that the negative is impossible to hear

Joy Powell
Instructional Technology Coordinator
318-372-2610 cell


Please call or email me if you need any help with resources, uploads, sharing, etc.  I am happy to help and can walk you through just about anything you may need!  I will be adding information daily so check back o


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Gabbart Training Videos

Joy’s video on adding resources to your teacher page:)

Gabbart also has a fantastic Chat Support in the bottom right-hand side of your page – if you can’t figure it out - they are here to help! 


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Iα‘Žα”•Tα–‡α‘Œα‘•TIOα‘Žα—©α’ͺ TEα‘•α•Όα‘ŽOα’ͺOGY α–‡Eα”•Oα‘Œα–‡α‘•Eα”•

α—©α’ͺα’ͺ Tα•ΌIα‘ŽGα”• α—―Eα—·α‘­α—©α—°α”•


                  Wonky Grades


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