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CPI Training Schedule

CPI Training Schedule


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Below are the dates that will be offered for CPI TRAINING 2023-2024 

Updated: 9/20/2023 @tullos 

REFRESHER Sessions (all sessions are 8am – 11:30am)

Refresher is for employees that have been CPI trained in the last 2 years.

October 19th (1 spot available) / October 26th / November 2nd / November 7th 

January 18. 2024 / February 8thFebruary 22nd / March 7th


  *** Information NEEDED for RECERTIFIED/REFRESHER is:
verify information is the same from 2 yrs. ago, or updated information if something has changed 
(last name change or para to teacher, custodian to para, etc....)


BLENDED TRAINING has been added (9:30am – 11:30am)

BLENDED Sessions are ½ online & ½ in-person…

~ added due to INITIAL training classes are FULL ~

October 19th (3 spots available)

October 26th (6 spots available)


 INITIAL TRAINING  (8am - 3pm)

January 11, 2024  


*** Information Needed for BLENDED & INITIAL (FULL) training:

1) NAME   2) SCHOOL   3) email address ( or personal)

4) TITLE (teacher/para/Principal/Assistant Principal/Secretary, etc) 

5) IF PARA, Teacher assigned to: ________



Please pick a date that will work for you & let me know ASAP

Amanda Tullos
Administrative Assistant
Student Support Services
   for Secondary Supervisor
     CPI ~ Program Managers
432-5400 or 432-5436       

 fax# 432-5598